Getting Started

Start by launching the Compare Copy.exe from the Start menu.  Once the application has started, select the directories you wish to copy in the source panel, and then select the destination directory in the destination panel.  For example, if you checked the c:\data directory in the source panel, and selected the c:\temp directory in the destination panel, a c:\temp\data directory would be created and all files would be copied to the destination.  If the synchronize subdirectories option was selected, then the all subdirectories under the c:\data directory would also be created and copied. 

To start a synchronization, press the Play button, and the copy will begin.  If you wish to stop a synchronization before it completes, you can press the stop button and it will stop as soon as the current file has completed it's copy.

In the status bar of the main program (bottom of the application) you will see the how many files and directories are selected to synchronize.  This updates when directories are selected and unselected.

When a synchronization process starts, the first part of the status bar tells you what the program is doing (ie copying/skipping/deleting).  the far right of the status bar will show a progress count and a progress bar so you know how far along you are in the synchronization process.

Click the Preview button to simulate a compare copy run.  Clicking this will go through the same process as the actual run, only no files will be copied.  The log file will be opened after the simulation so you can check to see what files would be copied, skipped or deleted.  This lets you test the process with out actually copying files which makes sure you have selected the options you intended.

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