Compare Copy is a file synchronization utility that allows a user to copy only changed files from a source location to a destination location.  It compares the dates on the source files with the dates on the destination files and only copies files where the source date is newer then the destination date.  You can also select an option to remove files located in the destination that are not in the source location.

Multiple directories can be selected, and an option to synchronize all subdirectories can also be chosen.

It is a very easy to use application that works similarly to the Windows File Explorer.  If you can use that, then you should have no problems using Compare Copy.

Unlike copying files with Explorer, Compare Copy will not stop if there was an error copying a single file, and all activity is logged unless you choose to turn this feature off.

The User Interface is customizable to allow you to have it look very similar to Windows Explorer.  You can even set it up with command line processing to have it run as a scheduled batch job.

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