Using the Command Line

Compare Copy can take command line parameters to see the usage statement, type "Compare Copy.exe" /? from the directory where the application is installed.

You can start the application with a specified configuration file, or you can have it load the configuration, perform the synchronization and quite when complete.  This is usefull when setting up a batch process or nightly run of the application.  It can also be useful to create a short cut to automatically run a configuration when clicked to give users an easy way to synchronize between a laptop and a network.

If you want the program to run a particular configuration  nightly, you could use the task schedular to create a nightly task and use the following (as an example) command line to process it.

"c:\Program Files\BarkeWare\Compare Copy\Compare Copy.exe" "c:\my documents\MyNightlyConfig.xml" /run

This assumes that compare copy is installed into "c:\Program Files\BarkeWare\Compare Copy\Compare Copy.exe" and that the custom configuration file is located in the "c:\my documents\MyNightlyConfig.xml" directory.  The /run parameter tells comparce copy to run a synchronization and quit when finished.

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