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Compare Copy is a program that makes it easy to synchronize files and directories between multiple source and destinations.  Compare Copy will only copy files from the source to the destination in which the destination file date and time stamp is older than the source.  If any source file or directory does not exist at the destination it will also be created and copied.

Other features:
  • Multiple directory selection from the source location
  • include/exclude file filters
  • deletion of files/directories from the destination if they do not exist in the source
  • Test run and report showing what files would be copied/skipped/deleted
  • Can be run through a command line for batch or scheduled runs to backup files
  • Completely rewritten using Microsoft .NET 2.0

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File Explore Control


This is a control that allows a developer to drop a control on a form and get features similar to Windows File Explorer.  It's easy to use and has many features.  To see this control in action, download a shareware copy of Compare Copy.  The Compare Copy application uses two instances of the control on a form.