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Compare Copy requires that the Microsoft .NET 2.0 runtime is installed on your machine.  Download the shareware version of Compare Copy to see the file explorer control in action.

Compare Copy v2.0

Compare Copy is a program that makes it easy to synchronize files and directories between multiple source and destinations.  Compare Copy will only copy files from the source to the destination in which the destination file date and time stamp is older than the source.  If any source file or directory does not exist at the destination it will also be created and copied.
Compare Copy v2.0 Help Files
This is a windows Help file (chm) that can be downloaded.  It is periodically updated with new information.
FileExplorer Control v2.0

At this time, to see a demo of the FileExplore control in action, download and run Compare Copy to see how it works and the features available. 

When it is purchased, the actual component will be sent to you that you can use with MS Dev Studio to add to any project.